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14th September - 10th November 2007
Dr. Who - A Journey in Space and Time

Dr Who - A Journey in Space and Time An exhibition of Memorabilia from the Dr Who TV Programme.

The Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling is expecting a visit from the planet Scaro. The Daleks are coming to the Smith to celebrate the world of Dr Who collecting. They are the most popular of the Dr Who monsters even among the younger audience who never saw the original programme. The exhibition is put together by a group of Dr Who trainee time lords with an interest in everything Who'ie.

Among the exhibits will be 4 full size Daleks, a Davros, K9, the Tardis and the Tardis control panel.
There will also be a large collection of related toys, games, magazines, comics and costumes all of which will fit into a building which is a lot bigger inside than it seems on the outside.

Dr Who - A Journey in Space and TimeThe exhibition is a celebration of collecting and illustrates the importance of collectors as keepers of recent history, whether their collections are for pleasure or investment.
Most of the models in the exhibition have been built by Raymond MacFadyen, a teacher from Uddingston, who started building Dr Who objects when he was a child. He is also an expert on Dr Who knowledge as well as a talented artist.
Raymond can be contacted at:

Admission is free and souvenirs are available in the shop.

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