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The Rings of Saturn

the rings of saturn

Rings of Saturn is an exhibition of new work by four young artists whose work is linked by a sense of the absurd, humour and irreverence. The exhibition consists of a video installation by Maurice Doherty, sculptural work by Mick Peter, audio/sculpture, video and drawings by David Sherry and a sculptural intervention by Owen Piper.

Mick Peter usually makes groups of works, often destabilising them by pitching clashing reference points and methods. His recent works have taken the form of posters and sculptures such as a large-scale concrete piece jammed into the full height of a gallery, as a reference to the building method of faceless public artworks. In this exhibition he presents sculpture that plays with scale to present a surreal re-presentation of the everyday.

David Sherry says of his practice My work revolves around themes of human relationships and social convention. By applying mild altercations to my own life I investigate settled patterns of communication and the systematic processes of day to day life. Often my work evolves from a series of drawings and takes a more narrative theme through performance and video pieces. Sherrys 'Sheep no.5 (clearing throat)' is a sculpture made from cardboard, parcel tape and paint, with a hidden audio of the sheeps continuous attempts to clear its throat. He shows this alongside drawings and a video of a young astronaut!

Owen Piper often constructs replicas of existing objects in alternative materials, creating a space where the boundaries between sculpture, furniture and abstract structures are blurred. Often employing domestic materials, Piper alters and amplifies the final construction, so that it speaks about a different scale. In The Rings of Saturn Piper has installed a set of home-made saloon doors into a gallery wall, creating a transitory point between the other works in the exhibition.

Maurice Doherty takes a minimalist approach to art making, using simple visual devices to engage the viewer in his video and photographic works. I like to present something that is essentially simplistic, but which potentially emanates into the most complex thoughts in our psyches. His work in the exhibition shows a double-sided projection of a girl rotating a hula-hoop, seemingly endlessly. This works refers back to the title of the show and the reference to the rings around Saturn, caused by gravitational break-up of objects too close to the planets surface. This reference to the dissolution of logic and stability informs the exhibition as a whole.

Exhibition supported by the Scottish Arts Council

13 November-18 December 2004

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