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The Beauty of Japan
Elegant Simplicity and Profound Suggestiveness
stirling - the beauty of japan

An exhibition containing striking works of Japanese calligraphic art or shodo opens to the public on Saturday 4 March.
The works are by the artist Masako Kohseki Takahashi, who was born in 1952 and has been involved with this distinctive art form since the age of six. She became a shodo teacher in 1988, and an instructor and adjudicator in 1989. Since then, she has exhibited and demonstrated in many countries of the world, including the Netherlands, Norway and France.

Kohseki’s motto is ‘Dream and Patience’ and she enjoys the calming effect that the art of shodo brings to people.
On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March visitors to the Stirling Smith will have the opportunity to meet Kohseki, see her demonstrate her art and even participate in the workshops.

stirling - the beauty of japan Important historical Japanese artefacts from the Stirling Smith’s own collections have been put on display for the first time in forty years. These include a eighteenth century set of armour for a Samurai warrior, a significant collection of Japanese swords and a collection of intricately carved netsuke, the decorative toggles used to close a Japanese purse.
Also on display are works of art held by GR Advanced Materials, a division of Ricoh, the only Japanese-owned company in Stirling.

stirling - the beauty of japan The exhibition will be opened by the Consul General of Japan, Shuhei Takahashi, on the day of the festival of the dolls, Hina-Matsuri, March 3. Mr Takahashi said, "I am delighted to see Japanese culture celebrated in this way, with contemporary art, historical artefacts and traditional cultural icons."
Councillor Gerry Power, Chairman of the Smith Trustees said, "Support from the Consulate General of Japan has given us the opportunity to exhibit parts of our Japanese collection to a new generation in Stirling."

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