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coverMalt Whisky
By Charles MacLean and Jason Lowe

This study of the is aimed at those who already enjoy malt but would like to know more. It combines practical information with history and debate. Today's production process is explored, along with what makes each whisky taste so different.

Handbook of WhiskyHandbook of Whisky
By Dave Broom

'... mouthwatering tasting notes.'

An illustrated guide to the history, distilling process and characteristics of the world's oldest and greatest whiskies, featuring a section on single malts and blended scotch, as well as sections on other notable world whiskies such as Irish whiskey, American whiskey, and Canadian whiskey, as well as tasting notes for every whiskey and a guide to visiting distilleries open to the public.

The Making of Scotch WhiskyThe Making of Scotch Whisky
By John R. Hume, Michael Moss

This edition of "The Making of Scotch Whisky" takes account of the changes that have occurred in the industry since its publication in 1981. A 16-page colour section has been added as well as more than 150 black & white illustrations.

Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide: Scotch WhiskyMitchell Beazley Pocket Guide: Scotch Whisky
By Charles MacLean

This fully updated encyclopedic guide to whisky is essential reading for anyone interested in whisky, whether a connoisseur or an enthusiastic novice. After offering a brief history of the subject, the book concentrates on Scotch whisky today.

Scotland and Its WhiskiesScotland and Its Whiskies
By Michael Jackson
Harry Cory Wright (Photographer)

"This beautiful coffee-table book is the pictorial companion to Michael Jackson's authoritative Whisky Companion. The author and his photographer Harry Cory Wright take us on a marvellous journey, from the lowlands across the isles to Orkney and south again to Speyside, drawing romantic and grandiose portraits of the great whiskies, the distilleries and their landscapes".

Visiting DistilleriesVisiting Distilleries
By Duncan and Wendy Graham

"Over 40 malt whisky distilleries in Scotland and Northern Ireland are detailed in this visitors' guide. The second part is an A-Z of all the relevant distilleries, cooperages and heritqge centres. Thes are detailed comprehensively and are given a 7-still rating for overall performance."

Classic Malt WhiskyClassic Malt Whisky
By Ian Wisniewski

"This title tells all you need to know about malt whisky, from the processes of making it to the customs of imbibing it. An A-Z of brands with brief histories and tasting notes, plus advice on how to serve malt. This is a guide for anyone who enjoys a dram, or two, and wants to know more of the drink's culture, origins and technology."

The Single Malt Whisky CompanionThe Single Malt Whisky Companion
By Helen Arthur

"This is a directory of more than 100 single malt whiskies, featuring expert tasting notes on each. There are photographs of labels and bottles, plus detailed maps of the area they originate from. There is information on every major Scottish distillery, in addition to selective coverage of the best whiskies from countries relatively new to single malt whisky production, such as Japan and New Zealand."

The Malt Whisky FileThe Malt Whisky File
By John Lamond, Robin Tucek

"This is a comprehensive guide to both the famous, and little known, distilleries of Scotland and Ireland and to their malt whiskies. Hundreds of detailed tasting notes are included in this expanded and revised edition. "

Appreciating WhiskyAppreciating Whisky
By Phillip Hills

As with fine wines, there is a social cachet in being able to "appreciate" a good Scotch. This illustrated book offers the reader detailed, structured tuition on how to develop his or her palate for whisky.
Using specific popular whiskies which readers are encouraged to have to hand as they work through the book, they are taught how to recognise what it is they are tasting and smelling, and how to describe this in the language of the experts.

Scotch WhiskyScotch Whisky
By Gavin D. Smith

A pictorial record of the Scottish distilling industry and its development. It should appeal to the whisky connoisseur and expert who has previously only encountered occasional "archive" pictures in more general whisky books. The photographs have been chosen by a leading whisky writer with an extensive knowledge of Scottish social history, and his accompanying captions enhance and explore the pictures which illuminate the process of whisky production from a small-scale, largely farm-based business into one of Scotland's leading export earners and most internationally identifiable products.

Whisky TrailsWhisky Trails
By Gordon Brown

Scotland has been making whisky for hundreds of years and distilleries are scattered throughout its landscape. The whisky-producing areas are in the North Highlands, the North-east coast, the East Highlands, Speyside and Glenlivet, the West coast and islands and the Central and Southern Highlands.
This guide details 120 distilleries, giving their visiting times, their facilities, a history, profiles of the whisky makers and a description of the whisky itself. Also sites worth visiting near of each distillery.

coverWhisky By Thierry Benitah, Emmanuel Dron and Jean Marc Bellier

A perfect gift for all whisky lovers. The Scots, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and, more surprisingly, Japan have all produced fine whiskies. The first book in the Whisky boxed set explores the history and traditions of whisky, where it originated and how it is made today. There is a special section devoted to whiskies of the world, and an extensive buyer's guide listing shops and clubs. The second book takes the reader on a taste tour of individual whiskies from Ireland, Scotland, and North America, the historic distilleries that make these precious drinks and guiding the amateur to the whisky most likely to suit his palate.

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