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William Wallace
blind harry's wallaceBlind Harry's Wallace
By William Hamilton, Elspeth King (Editor), Owain Kirby (Illustrator)

The epic verse of "Blind Harry" (or "Henry the Minstrel") is the main source on the life of Sir William Wallace. It was written around 1477 and based on the now lost Latin book of John Blair. Blind Harry gathered stories and traditions of Wallace from all over Scotland and sang or recited his verse. He was well recieved at the Renaissance court of King James IV. One of the first Scottish books printed in Scotland. Hamilton's edition, first published in 1722, had a great influence on Burns and many others, including Wordsworth and Byron. Elspeth King, has long campaigned to bring Blind Harry's work back into print in an accessible form, and argues for its significance amd relevance today.

william Wallace BraveheartWilliam Wallace
By James Mackay

One of history's greatest heroes and one of its greatest enigmas - a figure whose edges have been blurred by myth and legend. This biography tells of a man who, without wealth or noble birth, rose to become the Guardian of Scotland. It describes the heroism and betrayal, the valiant deeds and attrocities, and the struggle of a small nation against a brutal empire.

The Wallace by Nigel TranterThe Wallace
By Nigel Tranter

One of Scotland's finest Historical novelists, Nigel Tranter, with his version of the Wallace legend.

William Wallace by Graeme MortonWilliam Wallace
By Graeme Morton

Based on the research of Scottish historian Graeme Morton, this book is not a Biography but a study of contemporary sources and at how the Wallace myth has developed.

By Randall Wallace

The author of this book also wrote the film script so, he doesn't let the facts get in the way of a good story. Not historically accurate but if you enjoyed the film then you know what to expect.

By Peter Reese

Wallace's courage and heroism during Scotland's darkest days were instrumental in creating a sense of national identity. From the early killing of the Sheriff of Lanark, Sir William Haslerigg, through his crowning triumph at Stirling Bridge to his terrible end, Wallace was unswerving in his devotion to the cause of Scottish freedom. The second section of the book studies the impact of the man and the myth on later generations.

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