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The Picts and the Scots By LLoyd Laing, Jennifer LaingThe Picts and the Scots
By LLoyd Laing, Jennifer Laing

Who were the Picts and the Scots? This account presents the latest archaeological discoveries and dicusses the evidence for the relationship between these two peoples, tracing their development from raids on Roman Britain to the formation of rival Dark Age kingdoms that produced a unique artistic inheritance.

coverThe Age of the Picts
By W.A. Cummins

The Pictish nation, forged in the shadow of the Roman empire, was the dominant power in northern Britain for more than 500 years. Dr Cummins places the story of the Picts in its historical context and reassesses such topics as the legend of Drust son of Erp and St Columba's mission to the Picts.

A History of ScotlandA History of Scotland
By J.D. Mackie

A one-volume history of the Scottish nation.
"JD Mackie's book remains one of the most readable and enjoyable histories of Scotland ever written".

The New Penguin History of ScotlandThe New Penguin History of Scotland
By R.A. Houston, W.W.J. Knox

The New Penguin History of Scotland brings together the work of Scotland's leading historians in a volume that is essential reading for anyone interested in Scotland and her people.

Scottish Castles and FortificationsScottish Castles and Fortifications
By C.J. Tabraham

"Mighty fortresses and more humble fortified towers are prominent and compelling features of the Scottish landscape. Who were they built for? Why? This book sets out to unravel the mystery but not dispel the romance guiding the reader through the fascinating stories of Scotlands Castles and fortifications".

The Scottish EnlightenmentThe Scottish Enlightenment
By Arthur Herman

Arthur Herman takes the reader on a journey to the origins, as well as the furthest limits, of what we call the modern age. Scotland's turbulent history, from William Wallace to the Presbyterian Lords of the Covenant, laid the foundations for "the Scottish miracle". Herman shows how a remarkable circle of 18th-century Scottish thinkers, including David Hume and Adam Smith, gave birth to the key assumptions that underlie modern politics, economics, morals and cultural life.

The Oxford Companion to Scottish HistoryThe Oxford Companion to Scottish History
By Michael Lynch (Editor)

This companion to Scottish history interprets history broadly, including archaeology, architecture, climate, culture, folk belief, geology, and the languages of Scotland. It covers over 20 centuries of history, including immigrants, migrants, and emigrants, and extends from Orkney and Shetland to Galloway, the Western Isles to the Borders. It also deals with Scots abroad, from Canada to Russia to New Zealand. The volume includes entries on historical figures from Columba, Macbeth, and William Wallace to James (Paraffin) Young. It covers Burns Clubs, curling, and shinty and ranges from clans to Clearances and Covenanters.

coverBloody Scotland
By Terry Deary. Illustrated by Martin Brown

This title tells the story of the Scots from the desperate Dark Ages to the terrible 20th century. It provides facts on cool kings, cruel kings, mean queens and wise women. Find out about William Wallace, sick Scottish torture techniques and gory Scottish ghost stories.

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