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Robert the Bruce
The Bruce Trilogy by Nigel TranterThe Bruce Trilogy
By Nigel Tranter

This trilogy tells the story of Robert the Bruce and how, tutored and encouraged by the heroic William Wallace, he determined to continue the fight for an independent Scotland, sustained by a passionate love for his land.

Robert the Bruce By Ronald McNair ScottRobert the Bruce
By Ronald McNair Scott

When, after years of struggle, Scotland was reduced to a vassal state by Edward I of England it was Bruce who, supported by the Scottish Church and a group of devoted followers, had himself crowned at Scone as King of Scots and renewed the fight for freedom.

Robert the Bruce By Caroline Bingham Robert the Bruce
By Caroline Bingham

A biography of a great Scottish hero, who brought independence to Scotland which argues that the historic figure is not the same as the undoubtedly genuine hero of popular mythology.

In the Footsteps of Robert the Bruce By Alan Young, Michael J.SteadIn the Footsteps of Robert the Bruce
By Alan Young, Michael J.Stead

This book takes the reader on Bruce's journey, from his birth to kingship and triumph at Bannockburn. Here are the sites and settings associated with Robert the Bruce, of the war with England and of the political power struggles within Scotland itself.

The Battle of Bannockburn
The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 By A.J.S. NusbacherThe Battle of Bannockburn 1314
By A.J.S. Nusbacher

A history of the most celebrated battle between Scotland and England. This book carries the reader through the politics and plans of a military campaign of the Middle Ages, including the logistical sinews of war, the drama of court intrigue and the violent clash of soldier against soldier.

Bannockburn By Peter ReeseBannockburn
By Peter Reese

Bannockburn is another rivetting foray into Scottish history from the author of the best-selling titles Wallace and The Scottish Commander. The Battle of Bannockburn, at which Robert the Bruce’s army vanquished Edward I, remains one of the most significant and ongoing sources of Scottish pride.

On the Trail of Robert the BruceOn the Trail of Robert the Bruce
By David R. Ross

This text is an illustrated story of Scotland's hero-king and freedom-fighter. The text follows the life of Robert the Bruce from boyhood onwards, with a blow-by-blow account of how he led the Scots to their victory at Bannockburn, against all the odds.

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